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My name is Marta Voytzik and since 2012 I have been running my own business as a translator and interpreter of English and Russian to Polish. The purpose of my work is to help companies achieving their goals, whether it is an efficient communication with foreign clients, conquering foreign markets, effective marketing or winning a tender. Thanks to an extensive experience in the translation industry, I can offer clients the tools appropriate for a given task, such as localization of software and websites, transcreation of advertising texts, SEO translation. By working with me, you will receive excellent translation, which will increase your chances of success on foreign markets, as well as full support during the whole process of implementing a new policy aimed at establishing cooperation and searching for new contractors.

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Undoubtedly, professionally localized website can become a key to conquer a new group of potential Customers. Services in this area provided by me are characterized by a skilful use of the language of benefits, understanding mechanisms of Internet marketing and ecommerce, as well as knowledge of the current trends in the industry. The scope of my services includes also interpreting: simultaneous interpreting in booths and with use of mobile equipment, consecutive interpreting from the stage, whispered interpreting at business meetings and interpreting during training, audits and negotiations.

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I have always followed the principle of continuous development and training in my profession in order to meet the expectations of my Customers and provide them with an excellent translation and substantive language assistance. I am open to all suggestions and requests, because it is your satisfaction that determines the purpose of my translation services. The serious approach to my work is reflected in hundreds of satisfied clients, completed projects, letters of recommendation and references.


Since 2015 we have been cooperating with Marta Joanna Wójcik in the field of consecutive, simultaneous and written interpreting to English and Russian. Main subject of translations concerns the business sector, MLM and dietary supplements. Marta presents the highest level of professionalism and reliability, thus we recommend cooperation with this translator.

Karolina Roszczyk

Senior Sales & marketing Strategy Specialist
Herbalife Polska Sp. z o.o.

Marta Joanna Wójcik has worked for our company as an Russian-English freelance interpreter on a business meeting, concerning technical and contractual issues due to flare gas meters.

We can confirm that Marta was professional and reliable in performing the service and her interpretation was completed in an exemplary manner. We are satisfied with a quality of the service provided and can sincerely recommend cooperation with this interpreter.

Radosław Kurkowski

Sales Manager Fluenta AS

On behalf of the Management Board of Merida Sp. z o.o. I would like to confirm that Ms. Marta Wójcik provided us with an interpreting service during internal product trainings.

Noteworthy is the good substantive preparation of the subject of the training and the efficient translation with the use of professional equipment. I recommend Ms. Marta's services to all those who are looking for a responsible and competent interpreter.

logo Merida

Zdzisław Gołębiowski

Vice president of Merida Sp. z o.o.

 Marta Joanna Wójcik has worked as an interpreter during a two-week training being part of the European Tempus project. The training concerned environmental protection, management and decision-making systems and was conducted in English. Marta has demonstrated excellent knowledge of terminology, reliability and professionalism. We can recommend cooperation with this person.

Politechnika Czętochowska logo

Stanisław Borkowski PhD. Eng.

Project Manager
Head of the Production Engineering Institute

Marta Joanna Wójcik at the commission of our agency has provided simultaneous interpreting services during the Second European Congress of Local Governments in Cracow, during which she presented herself as a reliable, punctual and communicative person. The entrusted task was performed professionally, with great attention to details.

Małgorzata Gąsińska

Training Center IDEAGroup

On behalf of the Department of Technologies and Installations for Waste Management, we would like to recommend the services of Marta Wójcik as a competent, responsible, reliable and punctual translator, who has proven a good knowledge of specialist lexis and a high level of preparation for the task.

Wydział Inżynierii Środowiska i Energetyki Katedra Technologii i Urządzeń Zagospodarowania Odpadów

Politechnika Śląska

Department of Technologies and Installations for Waste Management

We have been using the services of Marta Joanna Wójcik since June 2016. During this period of time we have cooperated in the field of consecutive interpreting from Polish into English, as well as within the scope of translation. We are satisfied with the services provided and can recommend this translator to any demanding client.

Dahliamatic logo

Małgorzata Borowska, Tomasz Dąbrowski

Management Board of Dahliamatic

Marta Joanna Wójcik has participated in the meeting of Fluorital Polska and the company from Belarus. The meeting was held in Russian and English. Despite the difficult technical vocabulary, the interpreter did not encounter any problems during the interpretation. Fluorital Polska is very satisfied with the quality of the service.

Fluorital Polska

Marcin Kluczny

Fluorital Polska

Marta Wójcik has provided our company with interpreting services during an audit conducted by the FDA agency. The topic of the meeting was production and principles in the food industry. While interpreting, Marta demonstrated good knowledge of specialist lexis, commitment and reliability. We are pleased with the translation service and strongly recommend cooperation with this translator.

Robert Witkowski

Sales Department of Goliard Sp. z o.o.

I had a chance to work with Marta for the same customer. She has excellent spoken Russian and English skills. I wholeheartedly recommend her for any customer who needs simultaneous or consecutive translation services.

Tadas Tvarijonas

Independent freelance translator and interpreter

I confirm that Marta Wójcik has provided our company with an excellent translation of the economic analysis from Russian to Polish. The cooperation was fruitful, the contact with the translator was very good, and the translation itself was characterized by reliability, correct style and the right choice of terminology.

Krzysztof Bala

Kierownik Administracji w firmie E100 International Trade

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